Ehlert Blockflöten
Ehlert Blockflöten

Instrument maintenance

Wood is a natural material and needs regular care. Recorders are exposed to great strain through breath moisture. To preserve their tone quality and to avoid cracks they should be treated with almond oil at regular intervals. (An exception are instruments of impregnated maple or pearwood, which need not necessarily be oiled, even if it will do them no harm.) We cannot make rules concerning the frequency of oiling. In general, however, one can say that the inner bore should always be slightly greasy, without any oil coming out of the bore or the finger holes.

The first oiling should be carried out immediately after purchase. Take the middle joint and foot, apply a few drops of oil to inner bore and spread it evenly with the coarse brush enclosed in the maintenance set. Then introduce the still oily brush into the headjoint without touching the block, since no oil must get into the windway. The labium must be oiled with equal care. Please keep the headjoint upright to prevent oil flowing into the windway. If the outside of the instrument is not varnished, it can be rubbed with a little oil as well. If water has accumulated in the windway, please suck it back quickly. You can also take off the headjoint, put your hand over the bore and blow into the labium.

Never touch the labium with your fingers because it will easily warp when damp, and you might spoil the instrument. In persistent cases of hoarseness please let a few drops of the enclosed anti-condens trickle through the labium into the windway. Hold the headjoint with the upper end downward and blow out the surplus liquid. After this treatment it is necessary to let the instrument dry thoroughly outside its case (just as after practising).