Ehlert Blockflöten
Ehlert Blockflöten


There is extensive 18th century evidence of recorders made not only for solo playing, but also for use in consorts. Not only have treble recorders been handed down, but also descants, tenors and basses, and in the case of Johann Benedict Gahn (Nuremberg) even a complete quartet of matching instruments.

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Some baroque composers such as J.-B. Lully, M.P. de Monteclair, A. Marcello and G.Ph. Telemann specify the use of a recorder ensemble. I have pitched the recorders of this consort at a=392 Hz (the so-called French chamber pitch), so as to give the consort a warm and full sound. This also helps to integrate the descant, which often stands out like a solo instrument.

This quartet of instruments was originally developed for the musicians of Flautando Köln. They use the instruments regularly for their concerts and recordings.